Having treatment from Dr. Kersten allows me to maintain full strength and mobility during training  which is essential to perform at my peek in the cage. It is the best form of treatment that I've found for maintenance and injury repair.

Sam "Hands of Stone" Stout





I have been seeing Dr Jordan Kersten for the past 3 years. His expertise in injury prevention and rehab have been an exceptional help in keeping me healthy and allowing me to prepare for my competitions. I would recommend Dr Jordan Kersten for any athlete or individual with an injury looking to be able to use their body to its full potential.

Chris " The Polish Hammer" Horodecki


My name is Chad Laprise and Dr Jordan Kersten has been treating me for 9 months. Being a professional mixed martial arts fighter I am frequently injured and Dr Kersten has always been able to repair my body. Dr Kersten is very knowledgable and has been able to pin point my injury and start recovery before it had a chance to get worse. I rely on my body to support my family and without Dr Kersten that would not happen, he is definately one of the most important parts of my training. From injury prevention, treatment, to recovery, Dr Kersten has been there every step of the way and I could not do it without him. Thanks Doc!


Dr. Kersten is an experienced, dedicated and hard-working doctor of kinesiology and personal fitness.  He applies his highly advanced knowledge of bodily function to training exercises to accurately traget specific weaknesses.  His attention to necessary personal diet as well as most beneficial training routine has assisted in my progession considerably.  The success and well-being of his clients is his greatest priority.  He is a motivational and fun instructor. 

Katrina D.




I first visited Dr. Kersten because of a hamstring and back pain that I was feeling from weight training.  I am a competitive bodybuilder and a part-time martial artist, so I was not sure what I was doing wrong.  Right after my first consultation, I realized that Dr. Kersten was different than any other Chiropractor that I had ever been to.  He spent about 45 minutes getting to know the history of my health before treating me.  He was honest about how many sessions he thought it may take me to heal up.  In addition, he always explained exactly what he was doing and why it would help.  I was completely cured of my pain in half of the time that he had expected.  Since this visit, I have visited Dr. Kersten for different injuries with no less success than my very first visit.  He is truly knowledgeable and has multiple skills (acupuncture, ART, and Chiropractics) as healing tools.  I recommend his services to anyone in acute or chronic pain.  Highly recommended!........
- Paul Teixeira

 (Photo Courtesy of Texeira, P)



About 2 years ago i started to have problems with my shoulders, they would seize and cramp when I was in static positions. Being a fighter the most important punch is the jab, and with my left arm completly useless it was going to be a struggle, and it was, until i met jordan.  A friend massage therapist recomended him and so I went to see him.  Our first session was a thorough investigation on what the issue was, he narrowed it right down to the dime! He pulled out text books with anatomy pictures showing me exactly what was causing the muscle and shoulder weakness and pain, it was a great relief from the years of not knowing if anyone could identify what the problem was, even an ultrasound radiologist couldn't identiy the problem. When Jordan got to work he hooked up acupuncture needles to an electric current and moderated accordingly. After that he began a procedure i've never felt or seen, it was some sort of muscle therapy that elongated and relieved muscle, it was difficult for me to get through it even, but he assited me and encourged me to continue. After the session, in my amazement I truly felt better, and a couple days after I had no issues anymore. In the end I realized that I am my own worst enemy to a chronic injury and that with proper care I would be the only one to really let it heal properly, so I listened and did the physio excersises he provided and I feel great now, thank you Jordan!     Abbas, A

 (Photo Courtesy of Abbas, A)

Being a professional mixed martial arts fighter and having competed and trained all over north America, I’ve seen my share of injuries and have been treated by numerous therapists.  Approximately a year ago I met Dr. Kersten and he’s helped me work through many new and old injuries that I have sustained, and even taped me up before 2 of my fights.  Since meeting him, I’ve gone 2-0 becoming the Ringside Welterweight Championship and the XCC Welterweight Champion.     

Chris "the Menace" Clements



Photo Taken and Generously Provided by Ames and Shoot Photography 



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